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Social Security Research Center

The Research Center of China’s Social Security at Beijing University of Chemical Technology was founded in April, 2009 with the approval of Beijing University of Chemical and technology. It aims at engaging in open researchand talent cultivation.  
The purpose of the center is to make full use of the abundant academic resources of relevant departments of university, contact with famous experts home and abroad to jointly promote Chinese social security theory and policy research, and cultivate talents and come up with new ideas for the construction of China’ssocial security system.
Since the center’s founding, social security has become an emerging and interdisciplinary research field. There is a group of outstanding young and middle-aged backbone teachers in the center who have gained delightful results after a couple of years’ extensive and deep research in poverty and social assistance, community endowment, family law, labor law and social security law etc.
Since 2011, the center’s teachers havetaken on many social science fund projects of Beijing city,Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor and Social Security. They also make an academic connection with noted professors from America, Japan and so on. In September 2013, the center successfully helda two-day international symposium on People’s Livelihood and Social Security.
DIRECTOR: Yu-long Fu
ADDRESS:15 BeisanhuanEast Road, ChaoyangDistrict, Beijing, 100029
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