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Institute of Politic Science and Administration

Institute of Politic Science and Administration is affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and Law. Its research fields include politics and administration, and research directions center on the Basic Theory of Politics, Chinese-Foreign History of Political thoughts, Chinese-Foreign History of Political System, Comparison of Government and Politics, Administrative Organization, Public Personnel Administration, Administrative Reformation, Non-Governmental Organization, Administrative Culture, Analysis of Public Policy, Educational Administration, Local Government and Public Administration, Social Security and so on.
The Institute is equipped with high level research workforce, including 7 professors, 4 associate professors, 5 lecturers, as well as some distinguished scholars from home and abroad, employed as part-time professors. Concerning the age composition, young and middle-aged researchers account for the main body . These researchers are in the prime of their time, and are of competitive abilities of research interests and capabilities, brimming over with full confidence in the prospects of the Institute.  They are masters, doctors from top home and foreign universities or colleges as universities in Japan , Peking University, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University, Nankai University or Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In addition to it, The research center has a reasonable academic structure of researchers, exhibiting a vigorous image of overall scientific capacities.
Efforts of several years eventually witnessed great fruits the Institute has reaped. Of all, the project Introduction on Innovative Factors Concerning Systematic Construction Into Quality Education In Culture led by Prof. Fu Yulong won the Second Prize of 2004 Beijing Teaching Achievements (For Higher Education), who later became a member of Chinese Administration Publishing House, successively publishing many academic theses in Chinese Administration, Social Science Fronts, Exploration, and compiling textbooks meanwhile.
Prof. Liu Jie was supported by State Social Science Fund, after she declared the  Research of British Ideological and Government Decision-Making Since the 18th Century in May, 2004; her essay Cross-Century Parliamentary Reformation of Blair’s Government helped her succeed in the declaration for Young Research Talents Fund of Beijing University of Chemical Technology on her own in January, 2005; she also successively published many theoretical theses on such journals as History Teaching, History Monthly, China Graduate School of Social Science Journal; her translation American Poverty and Anti-Poverty was published by China Social Sciences Press in 2012.
Prof. Ma Changying, an expert in educational administrative science, took her role in the projects of Beijing Hundred Young Talents, World Bank Loan, one subject from Ministry of Education, two subjects of New Century Teaching Reformation from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, one university key subject. Moreover, some of her theses were successively published in Chinese Administration, Nanjing University Journal, China Higher Education. Moreover, she was titled Beijing Outstanding Young Teacher, Beijing Advanced Moral Educationist, Outstanding Young Lecturer of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Excellent Teacher in Beijing University of Chemical Technology and so on.
Prof. Jin Yanhua, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, China Certified Internal Auditor, who served as a member of the Beijing Institute of Certifies Public Accountants, Chief Finance Officer of Industry Group of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, has conducted deep surveys of the problems concerning internal audit in government-funded enterprises, accounting theory and coal mine safety as well, and published many theses on key journals from home and abroad.
Pro. Jiang Jiwei has conducted several funded projects for young researchers of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, winning Teaching Prize of Dabao, owns profound considerations in such aspects as Political Theory, Administrative Organization, Administrative Culture, Municipal Science and Public Strategy Analysis and has published several dozen theses.
Other researchers are all well-rounded, gaining extraordinary achievements in their own fields, displaying a good momentum of the Institute.
Since the establishment, the Institute of Politic Science and Administration has attracted considerable attention from the university, leading to supporting and furthering its research capacities. At present, the Institute has a collection of over 2000 books, 200 pieces of subscribed newspapers and magazines, together with several modern office equipment, such as computers and laptops.
In the great tide of China socialist modernization, as our university is taking steadier marching steps forward to a research-oriented university of high level, the Institute of Political Science and Administration is bound to ensure a better development, contributing to the prosperity of China’s politic science and administration.
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