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Oral Competition "The Chinese Dream and the Youth Ambition ”

SourceThe Faculty of Humanities and Law  Data2015-11-17

The Faculty of Humanities and Law holds the speaking competition “The Chinese Dream and the Youth Ambition” in Lecture Room 5 of the Chang Ping campus successfully on November 12. The theme of speaking competition is intended to promote the spirit of the anti-Japanese war. The judges are the instructors Wang Yuan, Wang Han for students of the Class 2014 the instructors Guo Xing, Li Zejian for students of the Class 2015.
To follow the magnificent opening video, the speaking competition started officially. The competition is divided into three groups: the freshmen group, the sophomore group and the group of the ethnic students.  Every contestant is fully prepared, and with the visual aid of the PPT, they interpreted the theme “Never Forget the History and Create a Better Future” from different perspectives profoundly. After the fierce competition, Teng Jiaxi, Cui Hua and Zhang Qi won the first prizes among the freshmen students, sophomore students and the ethnic students respectively.In the end, Wang Yuan commented on this competition and she praised the extraordinary performance of every contestant and encourage students to remember history and exert themselves to strive for the Chinese dream.
The competition deepened students’ understanding of the significance of the 70th Anniversary of the Anti-Fascist War, clarified the significance of the Chinese Dream for contemporary university students and made students aware of the responsibilities and obligations that they need to bear. The past belongs to history, while the future belongs to the youth. We wish the flower of the youth ambition would never wither and give the credit to the Chinese Dream. 
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