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Talents Shown by the College of Humanities and Law

 SourceThe Faculty of Humanities and Law  Data2014-11-05

The “Talents Show” of the Faculty of Humanities and Law was held successfully in the Multifunctional Hall of Chang Ping Campus at 8.40 on October 29. Our special guests are the instructor Yang Dongqiang from the Faculty of Science, the instructors Yi Mingli, Xing Aoran of Class 2013, Wang Yuan, Wnag Han of Class 2014, Guo Xing and Li Zejian of Class 2015 from the faculty of Humanities and Law. The members of the executive chairman and the section of chief of the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Humanities and Law were present and act as the guest judges. A large number of students of the faculty watched the fascinating performance.

The aerobics team put on a dynamic dance as the opening of the talents show. There are many different kinds of competitions and the performances were extraordinary. The melodious songs, the vigorous remix of hip-hop, the beautiful flute solo and the passionate folk dance all gave the audience an unforgettable impression. The martial arts performance was full of power and energy leading the audience to the times of warfare with horses and soldiers, which pushed the performance to a climax. In the whole process of the talents show, the cheers and applauses from the audience never stopped for one minute, and the atmosphere is warm and lively. At last, after the members of the executive chairman of the Students’ Union of Class 2013 put on a dance, the talents show came to a successful end. 

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