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“Fundamentals and Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy”

Date: 2015-12-16               Source: The College of Humanities and Law

On December 14, during the 22nd“December the 9th Movement” Culture and Arts Festival, the cultural exchange of “Fundamentals and Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy” is held successfully in Room 415 in the Administrative Building. The guest speaker is Luo Meicen, who is a student from the Experimental Class of Law 1201. The instructor Wang ZuLuo Meicen is very well-trained and has a deep knowledge of Chinese Calligraphy and. She has received numerous awards in the Beijing Municipal Calligraphy Competitions for College Students. In this exchange, Luo Meicen introduced the origin and development of Chinese characters and Chinese calligraphy, different categories and appreciation of Chinese calligraphy; she puts an emphasis on the indispensable correlation between being a good man with virtues and Chinese calligraphy. Later, the students present exchanged opinions and had a hot discussion about the introduction. In the end of this activity, students watched the documentary “Calligraphy in Thousands of Years”together and had a more profound understanding of the history of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese culture.oquan of Class 2012 and more than ten students participated in this activity.

In this exchange, students’ interest in Chinese calligraphy are stimulated and they also have a further understanding of the development and evolution of Chinese characters. And above all, students learned how to be a good man with virtues through the study of Chinese Calligraphy and benefited greatly from this activity.

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