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“Literature Nourishing the Youth and Books Beautifying the Years”

In the evening of November 14,
the faculty of Humanities and Law held the Evening “Literature Nourishing the Youth and Books Beautifying the Years” in the multifunctional hall of the Chang Ping Campus.  Zhang Liang —  the Secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Ming — the deputy director of security office , Zhang Zhihua – the vice dean of administrative affairs, Li Fujia — the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, directors of the departments, head teachers, and representatives of the office of students affairs and the alumni, all the instructors and freshman and sophomore students watched the performance together.  

The aerobics team put on a dynamic dance as the opening of the evening. There are many different kinds of performances and they were extraordinary. The melodious songs, the superb magic show, the hilarious short comedy show, the beautiful folk musical instrument performance and the martial arts performance all gave the audience an unforgettable impression. The folk dance of the ethnic students demonstrated the versatility of the ethnic students, which pushed the evening to a climax.

In the evening, the guests of the performance also gave the prize to the winners of the speaking competition “The Chinese Dream and the Youth Ambition”. Later, Zhang Liang — the Secretary of the Party Committee, delivered a speech on behalf of the whole faculty to express his appreciation for the performance and encourage the students to read extensively and think actively to grow into talents. In the whole evening, all the performances were well-received by the audience with warm cheers and applauses.  In the end, the dance from the instructors and the songs from the students’ union brought a successful end to the evening.

The successful host of the faculty evening brought joys to students and promotes the connections and communication in the faculty, which also enriched the campus life.

With the great successful end of the Faculty of Humanities and Law week, let us expect the faculty to have a even more beautiful and brighter future.
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