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The College of Humanities and Law was established in March 2000 as the only college of liberal arts in BUCT. There are two master programs, which are the program of law, the program of Administration.

The College of Humanities and Law has a strong team of 198 full-time teachers, including 14 professors and 69 associate professors who play leading roles in both teaching and research. In addition, many eminent young scholars are working in the college.

The College of Humanities and law possesses advanced modern teaching facilities, such as language labs, liberal arts labs, a psychoanalysis center and a model court for law students. Apart from these, the College houses an Intellectual Property Base and a Quality Education Base. All of these provide the students with an ideal study environment. This makes it possible to realize the College’s objective, which is to supply the country with well-qualified personnel.

The College has an academic committee, a teaching supervision committee, an academic staff appraisal committee, a teaching-quality evaluation panel an undergraduate teaching review and appraisal panel. The College also has a group of teaching inspectors.

At present, over 1400 students are studying in the College. Joints efforts by both teachers and students have created a favorable environment in which to foster the all-round development of the students morally, intellectually and physically. Various extra-curricular activities have been organized by the students, such as debating, providing a consulting service on legal matters, mock trials in a model court and putting on short English plays. All of these have helped to set up an image of the students of liberal arts in BUCT: active, intelligent, creative, eloquent, and cooperative.

A promising future can be predicted for the College of Humanities and Law!

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