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 Yudong HE, Male, Born in 1968, Zhangzi City of ShanXi Province,China
Academic Experience
2011.2-2011.8  Visiting Scholar , School of Law, St. Mary’s University, USA
2008.9-2010.12  Post-Doctor, Law Institute, China Academy of Social Science 2005.10-2008.6 PhD, School of Civil and Commercial Law, China University of Political Science and Law
1992.9-1995.6  MA, Institute of Law and Politics, Beijing Normal University,
1982.9-1986.6 B.Eng. School of Electronics Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology
Working Experience:
2008.9-Now School of Law, College of Humanity and Law, Beijing University of Chemical Technology;
1995.7-2008.8  The Supreme People’s Procuratorate
1986.7-1992.8 Changzhi Municipality Radio Factory, Shanxi Province
Academic Direction:
Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law, Tort Law
Research Project
2014-2016, Study on System Construction of Punitive Damages for Intellectual Property Infringement, The National Social Science Fund of China (No.14BFX101)
2010-2013, Statutory Defense for Patent Infringement: In Perspective of Beijing Judicial Practice, Beijing Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science Fund (Key Project, No.10AaFX096)
2012, Punitive Damages for Intellectual Property Infringement, State Intellectual Property Office
2009-2012, On the Nature of Patents, Ministry of Education Arts and Social Science Fund (No.09YJA820003)
2009-2010, Justification for Patents, 46th China Post-doctor Science Fund (No.20090460442)
2007-2008, Remedies for Patent Infringement in the U.S.: with Comments on Chinese Related System, Beijing Science and Technology Committee Special Fund for Doctoral Candidates (No.ZZ0714)
Representative Writing Books:
HE Yudong, 2009. Remedies for Patent Infringement in the U.S. [Monograph], Law Press
XU Chuangxi, SHI Hong, HE Yudong, 2012. Restatement of The Law Second: Torts, [Translation, Chinese version], Law Press,
Published Academic Thesis (CSSCI)
He Yudong, From right to utility: the logical shift for intellectual property right expansion, Intellectual Property 159, 9-14 (May. 2014).
He Yudong, Privatization of proceeds and individualization of interest of government's patents: reflection on the legal incentive system of technology transfer in federal laboratories of the U.S. 31 Science & Technology Progress and Policy 9, 121-124 (May. 2014). Reprinted in Renmin University Newspaper & Journal Reprinting Material: Innovation Policy and Management 9, (Sep.2014)
He Yudong, Gu Huijun, Comparison of personal liability of corporate directors and officers in patent infringement between China and the U.S., Intellectual Property 152, 108-113 (Oct. 2013).
He Yudong, Shi Hongyan, Lin Shengye, Defense of punitive damages for intellectual property infringement, Intellectual Property 145, 54-59 (Mar. 2013).
He Yudong, On contract theory of patents, Social Science Journal 205, 48-53(Mar. 2013)
He Yudong, Prospect theory of patents and its criticism, 33 Science Research Management 10, 145-150(Oct. 2012).
He Yudong, On uniform purpose of patent policy, 29 Studies in Science of Science 8, 1155-1164(Aug. 2011).
He Yudong, Fu Yulong, Reflection on prior art defense against literal patent infringement, 32 Law Science Magazine 213, 47-50(Nov.2011).
He Yudong, The technical apportionment problem in damages for patent infringement: in perspective of abolishment of compensation for illicit profits in patent infringement in the U.S., 27 Science of Law 174, 161-168(May 2009).
He Yudong, Injunctive relief for patent infringement in the U.S., 31 Global Law Review 163, 124-133(Sep. 2009).
He Yudong, Evolvement, comparison, and reference of damages calculation for patent infringement, 19 Intellectual Property 113, 7-18(Sep. 2009).
He Yudong, Analysis on problems about interdiction system before patent infringement action, Law Science Magazine 181, , 61-63. (Mar.2009).
He Yudong, Injunctive relief in patent law, 18 Intellectual Property 108, 72-77 (Nov. 2008).
He Yudong, Patent thicket problem and the reversion of the U.S. patent policy, 18 Intellectual Property 103, 92-97(Jan. 2008).
He Yudong, Fang Huicong, On objectivity of creativity in patent law, 17 Intellectual Property 98, 76-81(Mar. 2007).
Contact Information
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