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Yanling Zhou
Academic Experience
Bachelor of philosophy of Jilin University;
Master of sociology of Nankai University;
Doctor of sociology of Minzu University of China.
Working Experience:
Professor, Director of the Public Administration Department, the College of Humanities and Law
Published Academic Thesis
Zhou, Yanling. The Realization Path of the Equal Basic Public Services in China: in the View of Synergy Theory,Social Scientist (2014.6)
Zhou, Yanling. The Chinese NGO Community Social Capital Problem and Its Optimization, Dongjiang Journal (2013.3)
Zhou, Yanling. On the Strengthening of NGO Absorbing Resources Ability, Academic Exploration (2013.8)
Zhou, Yanling. Localization Path of the Private Entrepreneurs’ Social Capital Formation, Studies on the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (2011.8)
Zhou, Yanling. Innovation from E-government to Bureaucracy Management Model, Social Scientist (2011.8)
Zhou, Yanling. The Development of Environment Culture and Private Enterprises, Dongyue Tribune (2011.9)
Zhou, Yanling, The Private Entrepreneurs’ Social Capital Formation under the Perspective of Institutional Environment, Inner Mongolia University Journal (2011.5)
Zhou, Yanling. On the Development Ability of the NGO, Lanzhou Academic Journal (2011.9)
Zhou, Yanling. Factor Analysis of the Source and Formation of Enterprise Social Capital, Productivity Research (2011.11)
Zhou, Yanling. Social Capital and the Development of Private Enterprises in China. Chemical industry press (2011.9)
Zhou, Yanling. China's Rural Community Governance Research in the View of Social Capital Horizon, Chemical industry press (20014.11)
Ø  Second Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement of Beijing
Ø  Exempted From Inspection Teacher of Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Ø  Outstanding Young Instructor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Ø  One of the Top Ten Popular Teachers with Students
Public and Professional Service:
Ø  Director of Chinese Administrative Management Institute Teaching Research Association
Ø  Member of Public Relations Education Professional Committee of Chinese Association of Higher Education
Contact Information
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