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Weiqi CUI

Weiqi CUI
Gender: Male  
Birth date: May 13th, 1966.
Native place: Harbin in Heilongjiang province
Positions Held:
High school student; No.13 High School in Harbin; July.1978----Aug.1984;
Undergraduate; major in dialectics of nature in department of philosophy; Obtained Bachelor of Philosophy; Sept.1984----July.1988;
Graduate; major in philosophical principle in department of philosophy; Obtained master and PhD degrees; Sept.1988----July.1994;
Editor, associate senior editor and senior editor; Heilongjiang education publishing house; Jult.1994----June.2002;
Adjunct Professor; School of Philosophy and Public Administration in Heilongjiang University; 2000
Deputy director in department of Humanities and Social Science in Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Professor in school of Humanity and Law in Beijing University of Chemical Technology; July.2002---now;
A member of Academic Commission in Beijing University of Chemical Technology; April.2007----now;
Elected to the project of One Hundred Talents in the Field of Social Science Theory in Beijing ; 2009;
The Standing president and Secretary-General of Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature;
Subeditor of the Research of Dialectics of Nature;
Director of Beijing Philosophical Society;
The Standing president ofAxiology Institution and ChineseDialecticalMaterialism
The Standing president of Chinese Historical Materialism Institution and People’s Development Institution;
Teaching Experience:
Professor; main courses: Dialectics of Nature; Principles of Marxist Philosophy; Western Traditional Culture;
The main course Principles of Marxist Philosophy has won the honor of Beijing Quality Course;
The main course Logic has won the second award of Beijing excellent teaching production;
Master’s supervisor in major of Scientific and Technological Philosophy; Research direction are philosophy of science and value philosophy;
Master’s supervisor in major of Public Management; Research direction is technological policy;
Major Publications:
Personal Publications:
The Research about the Relationship between Science and Humanity; Heilongjiang education publishing house; 2007;
The book The New College Education, Cultivating the Quality of College Student was issued under his general editorship;
Research Projects:
Create technological innovation system among Chinese colleges; Person in charge; Feb.2004;
A Value Philosophical Research about Green Beijing; Host; 2009----2012;
Academic Papers:
The Philosophical Reflections on Transforming of Languages; Seeking Truth; 1995; Third prize in excellent productions of society and science in Heilongjiang province;
Paradigm and the Development of Philosophy; Academia Bimestris; 2001;
To Explore the Relationship between Science and Philosophy under Postmodernism Context; The Research of Dialectics of Nature; 12th. 2003
A Thinking about the Construction of Technological Innovation System among Chinese Colleges; Technological Management;2004;
To Explore the Significance of the Relationship between Science and Value; The Research of Dialectics of Nature;12th.2004;
Modernism and Postmodernism; Guangming Daily; July.10th.2007;
To Explore the Strain in Application of Kuhn's Paradigm in Society and Science; Study and Exploration; 1st.2011;
The Cost and Reflection of Modernism-----To Explore the Value Philosophical Basis of Risk Perception; Philosophical Research;2nd.2012;
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