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Yulong FU

 Yulong FU, born in 1962, Professor, Dean of the College of Humanities and Law/
Academic Experience
Sept.1986-June 1989   MS. Beijing Normal University
Sept.1980-June 1984   BA. Beijing Normal University
Working Experience
Mar. 2004—2014
Dean , Professor
College of Humanities and Law, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)
Apr. 2000—Feb.2004
Associate Dean
College of Humanities and Law, BUCT
May 1990—Mar. 2000
Director Assistant , Associate Dean
School of Social Science, BUCT
Academic Direction
Social Security; Administrative Management; Intellectual Property
Director, National Base of Undergraduate Cultural Quality Education
Director, Research Base of Beijing Intellectual Property Law
Director, Research Center of Social Security, BUCT
Reviewer of Chinese Public Administration
Selected Publications
Fu, Yulong , Liu, Jie, 2014. The Earned Income Tax Credit and its Poverty Releasing Effect. Chinese Public Administration, (4):118-121.
Liu, Jie , Li, Yang , & Fu, Yulong, 2014. The Construction of Diversified Chinese Rural Social Assistance System from the Perspective of Multidimensional Poverty. Journal of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Social Sciences Edition), (4):.1-6.
Yu, Ying, Fu, Yulong& Qin, Cong, 2013. Analysis the Role of Japanese Higher Education in Promotion the Strength of Science and Technology after World War II. Journal of Changchun University of Technology (Higher Education Study Edition), (4):140-142.
Zhou, Yanling, Fu, Yulong, 2013. Security and Strategy of Chinese NGO Capacity Building. Academic Exploration, (8):84-87.
Zhou, Yanling, Fu, Yulong, 2011. Analysis of Origin and Generation Factors of Corporate Social Capital. Productivity Research, (11):27-28+60.
Xu, Yi, Fu, Yulong, 2011. A Comparison of the Independent Directors Mechanism in Chinese & Foreign Listed Companies——From the Perspective of Function, Power & Responsibilities. Journal of Xinjiang University (Philosophy, Humanities & Social Sciences), (2):15-18.
He, Yudong, Fu Yulong, 2011. Rethinking About The Prior Art Defense Against Literal Patent Infringement. Law Science Magazine, (4):47-50.
Fu Yulong, 2011. Research on the Regulation and Development Strategy of Cultural Industry. Social Science Journal, (5):188-191.
Fu, Yulong, Shi, Jingguang. Expert Interpretation on Law: Citizens and the Law of Investment in Securities. 2010. Beijing, China Xinhua Press.
Fu, Yulong, Liu Jie, 2010. Interview of Harrell Rogers——Expert of American Poverty. World History, (3):141-148.
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Fu, Yulong, Wu, Hao, 2010. To Build the Market Maker Trading System of China’s Growth Enterprise Market. Journal of Hainan University (Social Sciences Edition), (3):35-41.
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Fu, Yulong, Huang, Fenglan, 2005. On Theory and Approach of Quality-oriented Education at Colleges and Universities. Journal of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Social Sciences Edition), (1):.45-48.
Fu, Yulong, Huang, Fenglan, 2005. Study on the Legal Position and Social Function of Industry Associations. Chinese Public Administration, (5): 27-29.
Huang, Fenglan, Fu, Yulong, 2005. “Discussion on the Control Function of Administrative Legal Responsibility on Executive Power”. Social Science Front,(3):325-326.
Guo Jie, Fu Yulong, 2002. Civil Law. Beijing, China: The Chinese People's Public Security University Press.
From 2011-2013, in charge of organizing young teachers and postgraduates translating 3 books about American social welfare policy. Among them “American Poverty in a New Era of Reform” written by Harrell Rodgers, “Great Risk Shift” written by Jacob Hacker have already published by China Social Sciences Press and the other one “Changing Poverty, Changing Anti-poverty Policies” written by Marian Cancian and Sheldon Danziger will be published in July 2014.
Contact Information
Office telephone: 010-64424759
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