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Social Sports

 Social Sports is a newly-established faculty, integrating sports and education. It is intended to turn out talents for operation, management and publicity in leisure sports activities. Now, there are more than 20 teachers and all have at least obtained master’s degrees, including 3 holders of doctor’s degree and 3 doctor candidates and 9 associate professors. In addition, the program has employed a few celebrities from the sports circle and relevant fields as part-time professors and consultants.
The faculty aims to equip the students with sports theories, education theories and basic knowledge in humanities, social sciences, economics and management, instill the scientific concept of leisure sports and develop their awareness of market exploration so that they can master the rule of leisure sports activities, sense the change on the leisure sports market, effectively engage in promotion, direction, management and planning in leisure sports activities, carry out product planning, design and development, and plan or organize various leisure sports activities.
The curriculum of the faculty features practicality and originality, and it aims at individualized education. It offers a few theoretical courses, including Overview of Social Sports, Sport and Law, Operation and Management of the Sports Industry, Physique Assessment and Sports Prescription, Organization of Sports Competition, Sports News and Media, Public Exercising and Entertaining Sports Projects, Management of Gymnasiums and Stadiums, Sports Physiology, School PE, Sports Training, Physical Education, Sports Sociology, Sports Management and Sports Psychology. In addition, individualized education schemes are also designed to meet the demands of society and students. A few selective practice courses are offered, including Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Dancing, Yoga, Taekwondo, Golf, Rock Climbing and Outdoor Activities.
Based on sports theories and education theories, the faculty educates the students in a cross-disciplinary manner and encourages them to dabble in the basic knowledge in humanities, social sciences, economics and management. In the meantime, a platform of practice in society is created to improve student’s abilities to handle affairs in society and engage in market operation and management. Through the training, the students, who specialize in one area and know much about a few other areas which can adapt easily and exert their competitive power in society.
The faculty has been granted the power to confer the bachelor’s degree of education. After graduation, the students can seek their jobs in government agencies, non-profit organizations, news agencies, sports enterprises and so on. They enjoy a good prospect of employment in various fields. The graduates can also further their study in sports, education, management or economics programs or other relevant fields.
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