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Public Administration

In order to meet the talents demands of the national economic construction, social development and industrial structure adjustment, Beijing University of Chemical Technology invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to develop literary, administered disciplines and set up a number of new departments under the guidance of "Building multidisciplinary, Research University". Department of Public Administration of School of Arts and Law was born in this situation. Department of Public Administration consists of two professions, administrative management and public management. Administrative management profession began to recruit students since 2000, and public management since 2005.  A total of two classes’ students receive basic education in the first year and students are subdivided into two different professions according to personal wishes in the second grade. After more than ten years’ development, public administration discipline has been an important support for the construction of the humanities in our school and has its own advantages and characteristics. Many achievements have been made in the aspects of discipline construction.
Discipline Construction: In 2011, department of public administration obtained the gift of the master degrees of the first-level discipline of public administration. At present, there are three master professional directions including administrative management, social security, educational economy and management.
Talent Cultivation: On the undergraduate training mechanism, there is a clear training objectives of "wide caliber, thick foundation, heavy practice and strong quality" ; we were first to implement tutorial system for undergraduate students in the school, and have achieved good results; we adopt a large number of cases modern office simulation experiment means in teaching to help students to master and apply modern management techniques, methods and skills better; we sign a contract with "China National Chemical Newspaper ", "Chaoyang District Community Association" to establish practice teaching base, not only providing ample internship positions for all the students in this profession, but also teaching and practice scientific research bases becoming for teachers.
Faculty: There are 13 full-time teachers in Department of Public Administration currently. Nine teachers have doctorateand seven teachers have senior titles, including 4 professors, 3 associate professors. Teachers received many awards, such as Outstanding Teaching Award in Beijing, Beijing University of Chemical Technology Top Ten most popular teachers, Beijing University of Chemical Technology Speaker outstanding young teachers, and Beijing University of Chemical Technology excellent teacheretc. Highly qualified faculty has laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of public administration.
Scientific research: In recent years, public administration faculty has hosted and participated in a number of national-level and provincial level research projects, and published academic papers, scholarly works, providing a strong guarantee for personnel training.
Curriculum: Teaching program focuses on the basic theoretical knowledge andpracticability. In addition to core courses in Public Administration like the Management Theory, Political Theory, Public Policy Analysis, Public Administration, Human Resource Management, Public Economics, Microeconomics, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law, Sociology and Social Research Methods, there are also various profession courses. In order to achieve the personnel training goal of "wide caliber, thick foundation, heavy practice, strong quality", Administrative Management sets up the modern system of Public Servants System, Advanced Administration Science, Public Crisis ,Management, Human Resources Evaluation and Its Application, Performance Appraisal and Compensation Management, Electronic Government Affairs’ Theory and Practice, etc.; Public Management sets up Community Management, Non-governmental Organizations, Social Work, Organizational Behavior, Case Work and Group Work, etc..
Student Employment:  The annual employment rate can reach more than 98% every year, and some of the graduates are admitted to the elite schools to pursue a master's degree. With an outstanding performance in civil service examination,there are graduates joining the civil service each year. What’s more, there are also many graduates successively going to the United States, Britain and other countries for further study. With diversity employment channels, "village official", "community workers", the state civil servants and enterprises have been the main employment goals and fields of the graduates.
In the future development, public administration profession will continue to carry out educational reform according to academic development and market demand, training high-level complex public administration personnel for the society.
In the future, Public Administration will continue to carry out educational reform according to academic development and market demands, to train more high-level complex public administration talents for the society.
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