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English Language

The Department of English was founded in 1998 as one of the earliest component units in the School of Arts and Law. It is the major academic discipline under the greater Department of Foreign Languages. There are currently thirteen fulltime faculty members consisting of three associate professors and ten lecturers, not including the foreign staff and our professors who have assumed administrative roles but may still be offering courses. In recent years, the department has seen a growing number of teachers pursuing PhD programs or visiting scholarships. So far, all our teachers have had an academic background above the Master’s level and have had overseas educational experiences. Every year, around eighty students are admitted to our undergraduate program in English Language and Literature.
We aim to help our students lay a solid foundation in English knowledge and practical skills, foster their cross-cultural awareness and competence and a global vision that form an important part oftoday’s competitiveness, and prepare them for various forms of foreign-related jobs or further education. To this end, we have designed a curriculum that combines our core units, covering English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation and interpreting, with liberal education courses, such as Chinese literature, world politics and economy, IT basics, international trade, and applied mathematics, and courses of different academic focuses, such as English literature, linguistics, business, and translation and interpreting. We value our students’ college life and regard it as a crucial process for their enlightenment and character formation. That is why, in addition to academic training, we ensure that our students can all participate in our colorful campus life, actively engage with communities, business and industry, and make the most of what the capital city has to offer. With such efforts, we hope to turn our students into healthy, talented and vibrant individuals who will ultimately be able to reward our society in positive and constructive ways.
Over the years, our graduates have been recognized and welcomed by enterprises and institutions both in and out of Beijing. Every year, we have a steady proportion of students accepted for postgraduate programs by top universities in China (including the Hong Kong SAR), the United States, Great Britain, and Europe. In response to the new challenges in higher education, the department also strives to further strengthen itself through faculty building, discipline development, curriculum reform, and improvement of teaching quality. We take pride in being your shared home during the important four years of your life, our dearest students and alumni, and hope to have your continuous support in the future development of our department.
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